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Website owners are constantly on the beware for new ways to promote their business. What if I told you could broadcast your commerce every time you send an email and it wouldn't cost you a dime?

When you meet a big cheese you might give him or her one of your big business cards. Now the recipient has all your commerce information, learns a a small amount about your affair and this allows you to expose your brand. With an eBusinessCard you can still give them one of your cards, electronically, using Microsoft Outlook! All you have to do is build your card in HTML to resemble your on paper card. Then save it to your Outlook signature folder so you can send an electronic version. The big help to an electronic card is it has live links that can take the viewer to the exact page on your website with the in order they need. See the appraise here http://www. junglia. com/email-stationary/horiz. asp.

Open your choice HTML editor and aim and build your card. Or if you at present use a on paper card just copy it. If you lack blueprint and/or HTML skills you can use the handy form below to painlessly coin your own card. If you construct your own card commit to memory to use definite paths (full http path) for all your links and images. In order for this to work with all email clients you will need to place any descriptions you use on a ma?tre d'h?tel and coin an complete link to the image. If the email recipients don't have HTML enabled in their mail client Outlook consequentially creates and sends a text version, which can be read with any program.

Detailed advice for uploading and using your card are programmed here http://www. junglia. com/email-stationary/horiz. asp in step 7.

This is a clear-cut and easy on the pocket way to promote your business. All you correspond with will know that you are a professional.

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Dan Karwoski has been doctrine website aim to seminary students since 1997 and has formed attribute work for MSNBC, Microsoft, Amazon, Atom Films and many others. Fascinated students can learn the basics of web aim by registering at http://www. learn2design. net. Entertain email questions to info@learn2design. net.

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