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The word "blog" seems to be everywhere, and what an ugly word it is!

Short for "web log," a blog is a Web page made up of typically short, normally reorganized postings that are scheduled chronologically. It's alike to an online journal. Another blog publishers have another types of comfort and objectives, just like e-zine publishers do. Comfort can vary greatly, but most blogs I see are used to share news about a a variety of business, project, person, or idea. I've also seen some with individual diaries, photos, mini-essays, and the like. Most blogs article "here's what's on my mind" type entries on paper by only one person.

Are blogs the next big thing? Well, ancestors seem to love conversation about them. ("Do you have a blog? Have you blogged? Want to blog me?") They're popular, easy to inform instantly, and you don't have to worry about sp^m filters intake you up.

Do you NEED a blog? Certainly not. Blogs don't come close to the marketing power of an e-zine. They call for your readers to come to YOU as a substitute of your appearance to them.

My alone John Reese has a great blog at MarketingSecrets. com, in which he reveals domino effect to his online marketing tests and news about his programs. (I love his stuff. ) He posts to his blog much more than he publishes his e-zine. He says it allows him to share thoughts, resources, ideas, and strategies more briefly and easily. (You can see what his blog looks like here. )

But honestly, I never think to go visit the blog, for the reason that I have to . . . go visit it. As an alternative I believably read his e-zine that arrives right in my inbox.

You May Want to Start a Blog If. . .

  • You'd like your website to rank privileged in the exploration engines.

  • You before now have a large subsequent of colonize who would like to keep up with your counsel or programs more normally than your e-zine allows.

  • Your commerce is in a field whose in order changes very frequently, such as on a daily basis (e. g. stock trading).

  • You have development or individual be relevant you'd like to fill in all on at once. (For example, my contacts who just had a baby post a blog with common updates on their diminutive one's progress. )

  • You have so much infomation to share about a a selection of topic so often that it just won't work in your e-zine.

Free Tool Helps You Get Started

If you'd like to start a blog, check out www. Blogger. com. It offers a Web-based tool that helps you broadcast to the Web instantly, each time the urge strikes you.

Just don't be expecting me to come read your blog! : )

(c) 2003 Alexandria K. Brown


Alexandria K. Brown, "The E-zine Queen," is biographer of the award-winning manual, "Boost Affair With Your Own E-zine. " To learn more about her book and sign up for more FREE tips like these, visit her site at http://EzineQueenTutorial. com/


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