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If you've been receiving immovable up in all this talk of RSS versus email, its time to stop wondering.

Marketing Sherpa just posted a new bang that stirred up the old RSS vs Email argue again. http://www. marketingsherpa. com/sample. cfm?contentID=2988

The arrive starts out by stating, "It chills our blood when we hear email marketers and publishers carelessly state, "I'm accepted wisdom about switching over to RSS entirely!" Oh no. Desire don't. RSS is creditable of testing, but it's not an email stand-in and it never will be. "

A bang in Jupitermedia patrician "E-Mail Marketing: Alive and Well" notes, "RSS won't be at once effectual as an different to e-mail marketing. (But) for some companies (primarily publishers who cater to a mechanical audience), it's conscious to press ahead with RSS now as a supplement to e-mail marketing. " http://www. jupiterresearch. com/bin/item. pl/research:concept/1103/id=96103/

A lot of citizens think this argument has been going on for long enough. RSS is NOT a stand-in for email. It does not (and may never) rival the marketing reach and propinquity of an email message.

Those who've been bereavement the death of email marketing don't seem to "get" the fact that RSS hasn't reached the tipping point yet. More colonize read email than RSS feeds - many more.

I accept as true that a smart publisher or pusher must use both - Email and RSS. Its not an either/or question.

I know for a fact that my blogs get read more when I send out an email with a "blog post roundup. " I for myself favor email and tend to read those blogs more normally that use email notification.

But the news is not all good for email marketing. According to DoubleClick, 64. 7% of all legitimate email being sent (based on their own customers' stats) is never opened. Email administration is cited as the #1 email marketing headache.

The good news is that email marketing has a awesome Benefit on Investment (ROI) bringing in $15. 50 per cash spent on a battle according a bang in Email Sherpa. http://www. emailsherpa. com/emailblog. cfm?ID=360

That $15. 50 per email-marketing cash spent is around 17% more than in direct-mail campaigns and 73% more than telemarketing campaigns.

eMarketer intelligence that email is still a brawny marketing tool if used well in a new report, "Email Marketing: How to Advance ROI. " http://www. emarketer. com/article. aspx?1003369

Some points it notes:

71 percent of US online advertisers used email marketing in 2004, while 77 percent using paid search.

Even though spam and email overload 45 percent see email as a good way for companies to stay in touch with customers.

Consumer preservation and augmented allegiance is the main objective for email marketing among 63 percent of surveyed marketers

62 percent also see email as a way to buy new customers.

Email capacity in the US is anticipated to rise from over 2 trillion idea this year to just about 2. 7 trillion by 2007.

Even all the same both email spam and email administration are on the rise, end-users are receiving used to spam and it's bothering them less than it used to.

The Marketing Sherpa article also notes that 91% of US Internet users use email on a common basis, while almost 4% use RSS feeds on any sort of basis at all.

It suggests that publishers do test RSS, but recommends that they not treat RSS as "shovelware for email content" since it is a new medium.

Other disadvantages it notes for RSS publishers is the challenge of metrics.

"No deliverability, open rates, hard vs soft bounces. No a/b tests, no usability tests, no offer tests, no recency/frequency tests, and multivariable testing?"

"The kind of data that marketers and publishers rely on to make business, content, and marketing decisions for email campaigns is more or less exclusively deficient for RSS at this time," says the report.

So if you're wondering what you ought to bring out - a blog or an email newsletter - I advise you do both.

Or at least advertise a blog with email notification built in. Remember, your list is still your most constructive asset online.

Keep each Email or RSS out of your marketing toolbox and you're down out on a considerable portion of your audience.

RSS has other return that email does not have - like being able to syndicate your at ease crosswise the web. It can be a very constructive tool for shop link popularity - if you do it right.

As a dealer you do need to start comb-out up on your comprehension of RSS and a good place to start is here. http://ebizwhiz-publishing. com/rss-blogging. htm

Priya Shah is the CEO of eBrand360. com. She writes the Marketing Slave blog and publishes an internet marketing newsletter.

This commentary may be reprinted as long as the store box is left intact and all links are hyperlinked.


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